The Kujawy-Pomerania Province has been active in advocating entreprenuership for people with disabilities for many years, to enable them to participate actively in the local community, feel needed and become self-sufficient.

Vocational rehabilitation facilities (zakłady aktywności zawodowej) provide for the occupational and social rehabilitation of disabled persons. The first facility of this type in our region was established in 2005. The dynamics of creating and operating such facilities has evolved over the past seven years and today we can boast six dynamically working establishments. The people who work in them have proved many times over that they are highly competent, hard-working employees.

Promoting the social and professional integration of people with disabilities is extremely important, and is achieved through providing professional training and customized, appropriate, workplaces and, above all, preparing ground for co-operation with conscious and supportive employers.

A Panorama of the Vacational Rehabilitation Facilities in the Kujawy-Pomerania Region (Panorama Zakładów Aktywności Zawodowej Regionu Kujawsko-Pomorskiego), which you hold in your hands, is a catalogue of brand products from our establishments. It is designed to assist prospective and existing entrepreneurs to join us in promoting the idea of pro-social purchase.

I trust you will find it interesting reading.

Marshal of the Kujawy-Pomerania Province
Piotr Całbecki